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The Private Facebook Community for Q&A, Support, and Monthly Masterclass Trainings with Mind and Body Strategist, Kristy Jo
Body Buddies World Membership is the PERFECT way to get accountable, stay connected, and get answers to your questions while completing any Body Buddies program or coaching.
  •  38% off Coaching Calls with Kristy Jo up to 2x/month!
  •  Post questions in the group anytime to get support from the community of members. You will feel a new motivation and surge of "I can do it" in your life!
  •  Post questions in the group and tag @Kristy Jo Hunt for a direct answer to your nutrition, mindset, or fitness question from Kristy Jo.
  •  Watch the monthly Masterclass Facebook Live during the filming, OR watch the video afterward--it's archived in the group for you to watch anytime and even review past Masterclasses.
  •  Receive weekly emails with mindset, nutrition, and fitness tips!
  •  Connect with other like-minded people with questions on cooking, motivation, discipline, food prep, traveling, fitness adaptations, etc.
  •  100% respect and love in this group -- all vulnerability and authenticity is encouraged and well received by this loving group of members.
  •  100% clean language and no spam EVER! This is a VERY filtered group with only high-class members!
With your Body Buddies World membership comes access to #CoachKristyJo in the private Facebook Group. Answers to your questions are given within 24 hours.

At the end of each month, join Kristy Jo on a LIVE-inar (Facebook Live Webinar) inside the private Facebook group. She will conduct a 60-minute Master Training on the topics that YOU need for your current situation. Submit your questions and topics ahead of time to ensure they are covered.

Any remaining time will be spent in Mindset and Motivation to help you overcome any challenges you're facing and keep you going on your commitment to a true lifestyle change.
"I know that I can do it! Something actually works for me and that gives me hope!"
- A. Allan
"I have changed not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. Kristy Jo is an outstanding friend, knowledgeable coach, motivating trainer, and an inspiring mentor."
- T. Vrska
"Besides the fact that I lost nearly 25 lbs, I am now able to better control my binging episodes as well as my day to day food intake. I'm more conscious of the foods I put in my body and more educated on how it will effect my body."
- R. Sloat
"I am more confident and aware of my emotions. I have more energy and mental clarity."
- S. Gardner
"The training gave me motivation to do what I need to for myself. I feel stronger mentally and physically."
- J. Brown-Barsballe
"I have gained great insight into the physiology of the body and the way it responds to food... knowing what I am doing to my body motivates me to treat is as best I can! I look at my lifestyle, my training, my nutrition completely different now- before, my life and my health were two different components. Now they are one and the same."
- T. Macey
"I am a Type 1 diabetic and sought out the program to lower my A1C. I am feeling better than I have in years and have finally figured out how to stabilize my blood sugars."
- C. Casper
"I have realized what mindset means and HOW to apply it, even if I don't always. Being MINFUL of decisions helps me understand WHY I'm making the choices I am, good or bad."
- T. Allred
"I thought that I would have to starve myself or force myself to eat things I didn't like to get the results I wanted. I have learned a lot about myself and my abilities that I never knew I had before."
- A. Dall
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